Cafe Rental Options

Perfect for graduations, farewells, Open Houses.


Space Fees

$100/hr. for 1st hour for either up or down space

$75/hr there after

Additional $25/ hour for Mez & Dining Area

Minimum time to reserve 2 hours

1 Airpot of beverage/ hour rented complimentary


Rental Availability

Sunday 3:00p-10:00p (earliest time for set-up is 2:45p)

Mon/Tuesday 6:30p- 9:00p (earliest time for set-up is 6:15p)

Fri/ Sat 6:30-10:00p

15 minute set–up time is complimentary.


Additional Beverage Fees- No Outside Beverages are Permitted

1 gallon iced tea $18.95 (serves about 15-20)

1 air pot Black or Green tea $18.95 (12 servings)

1 airpot Herbal, Rooibos, White $19.95 (serves about 15-20)

1 air pot of coffee $18.95 (12 servings)      

Large teapot $8    (5 servings)

Lg. Herbal, Rooibos, White $9


Open Cash Bar Option

Bar service: Tea, Smoothie and Espresso beverages available.

Limited Bakery and snack items available, Menu Pricing applies



Tea Talk with tastings $50


Disposable cups provided

If wanting glassware and dishes then a charge of

$30 1-30 guests

$60 31-60 guests

$90 61-90 guests


18% Gratuity,  $100 Deposit upon signed contract. Prices through June 30, 2018


Download Cafe Rental Order Form Here

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